founding members

Austin Cole

CEO & Founder

Austin is an evolutionary biologist & protein engineer that built Aperiam's early vision algorithms at UT Austin. Today, he shepherds Aperiam's products into existence by helping a team of chemistry, deep learning, cosmetics, therapeutics, and technical reagents experts exploit Aperiam's protein vision algorithms. Austin grew up in Wisconsin and trains jiu jitsu several times a week.

Guillaume Cottarel

Head of program

Guillaume has over twenty years of extensive experience in the biotechnological sector. He has a proven ability to conceptualize, and initiate scientific programs, leads scientific teams as well managing projects and third-party alliances. His broad technical and business knowledge is being applied to drive Aperiam Bio success. He is a co-author on 27 publications and co-inventors on 16 patents. Guillaume practices hot yoga, enjoys a good tennis game and engages his creativity in diverse art forms.

Russell Durrett

Chief Business Officer

Russell Durrett is the Chief Business Officer at Aperiam Bio. Responsible for spearheading business development and ensuring successful collaborations, Russ helps outside companies build partnerships with us to maximize the impact of Aperiam's technology. He is a cofounder of Genspace NYC, a coworking laboratory and learning space in Brooklyn NY, and has published over a dozen research papers, including several in antibody repertoire sequencing and hybrid long-read de novo genome assembly. In addition, Russell formerly served as CSO at Recombine.

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